Non-verbal communication

Non-Verbal-Communication Kinesics

They say that the contents of language about which it speaks are only 7%, and the remaining 93% judges others by the expression of a face, or the quality of voice.
Appearance and behavior will also influence in fact.
However, neither expression nor a body language is necessarily by any means stronger than language.
However, probably, it will be certain that it is a good material, when speaking communication and the body language of nonverbal.

People has another means in addition to a means to use language and to talk, when taking communication.
It is talking without it using language.
The thing which he wants to say using the body, and something to tell are expressed.
We use this means well, when taking communication with exotic people.
It is for compensating shortage of linguistic competence.
However, I think that it is an effective means also in a native language to use gesture.
It is because something to tell a partner more is transmitted by expressing by its own body or motion.

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Culture Shock

⇓Thuy and Anna talk.

surprised-baby baby-surprised

If the environment where it has grown up is different, the mastered culture will also change to the body.                                                                                                                            A culture shock is produced between the culture of the country and country.                    However, it has two sides.

The second is the excitement to which one is born by the difference in culture, and a stress borne by the difference in culture.
I think that it can grow up by my experiencing these two.

2011030815590298f ダウンロード

In Japan which is especially my mother country, when ordinary action and culture see from overseas people, there are many strange things.
For example, we always exchange cards, we apologizes immediately, or it bows.


When foreign culture including the attitude of the person of the lifestyle different from former, a view, action, and the circumference, etc. is touched, it is called culture shock it is shocked and fall into a mentally unstable state.
It is mentioned that contact with people of a spot to whom he misses a Japanese family and friend suddenly and who will be in a depressed state becomes troublesome as a condition of a culture shock etc.
Although these relate to soul or feeling, condition, such as headache, insomnia, bulimia, anorexia, and sleepy irregular menstruation , may be concerned with health condition.
A culture shock is what it supposes that it is like passing away to cultural adaptation, and may happen to anyone, even if there is a difference of a grade.
If it actually falls into a culture shock, let’s try to look at ourselves from a view as long-term as possible and large.
Hereinafter, the ways of coping to a culture shock are mentioned.

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Media Ethics


The mass communication which transmits a lot of information to the public could not but become one-sided circulation by the traditional mass media.
The freedom of expression was unevenly distributed by separation of the mass media which is such “an informer of information”, and the public who is “the recipients of information.”
For this reason, it came to be regarded as questionable that the mass media which is the “strong man” as an expression person infringes on human rights called the popular privacy right and personal rights which are the “weak” as an expression person by using the freedom of expression fully.
Report damage, a media scrum, etc. are mentioned as the classic example.
On the other hand, the press came to apply the fixed brakes to use of human rights called a superfluous report by “self-imposed control.”

It is regarded as questionable in the present world that media infringe on individual privacy.
Although I think it important for freedom of the press to be respected, I think that an excessive report should not be carried out.
Although only the paparazzi from whom celebrities, such as a celeb and a sport player, follow a scandal etc. are easy to be regarded as questionable, I think that the report to an offender should also be improved.
It is because it will become impossible to return to work if a name and face are publicly released when an offender is a boy.


These days, the method of the new opinion of the celebs who turned paparazzi’s persistence to their own advantage was born.

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Tabloids v Broadsheet

Although a tabloid lacks credibility compared with a newspaper, it is effective as a medium for attracting people’s interest.
The effect is greatest to especially a young man.
I think that the fact is applied also in Japan.


There is a newspaper of two types of the roughly divided into the British newspaper.
In the newspaper called Broadsheet, the size of the page is large, and articles dealing with serious themes are often one. News articles with high quality appeared in the newspaper of the broadsheet, analysis etc. business and political circles, the economy has been placed a lot.

On the other hand, the newspaper called tabloid, soft news article a lot of articles around the human system and story are many celebrities. Writing style of newspaper These are very simple.
Serious news has been posted once, but not at all deep analysis of the news. Photos of large many colorful, the newspaper low-quality, gravure photos are also placed a lot. Popular newspaper in the UK, is a tabloid newspaper like this again.

Specific examples of the broadsheet popular, there is The Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1855, which has issued an opinion conservative politically. The subscriber has to support the Conservative Party in the UK.
In addition, Financial Times is a newspaper that are introduced around the business and economic news. There is also a World Edition and version of German and Chinese are also published. Financial Times is a newspaper that is recognized in the global business world.

The Sun is the famous ones in the tabloid.
This newspaper is a newspaper with high sales to 10th in the newspaper around the world.
The very readable, style of writing is also famous news scandal basis in many cases. In the past, the newspaper itself was embroiled in scandal various fact. The Sun is sued a celebrity well.
Why buy this newspaper, I do not know, but people who buy this newspaper, and there are quite a lot of overwhelmingly male readers.

ダウンロード (1) ダウンロード


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Cross Cultural Communication

imagesCAWMTGLAPeopersonal_space__kiba_by_mothraisnotapokemon-d33hgpxple from a coconut culture are more reserved and only offer a thin layer of their private space.
Therefore they may apper serious and a bit distant during initial social conversations -this is the hard shell you experience when you first meet coconuts.It can mean that not much personal information is shared in the biginning this is perceived as being polite. For peaches,it’s difficult to get to know a coconut fast.

Peaches,on the other hand,are seen as relatively more sociable.They like large talk with people they don’t know.
They like to share personal space with others and even talk about private aspects easily.
Peaches are more likely to smile a lot and be enthusiastic towards others.
This is politeness.Of course,they still keep a small area,the peach stone praivate from others.

Personal_Space_POLimages (2)

While people is unconscious, people has decided the merit of comfortableness with the person by a sense of distance with a partner.
It has touched so that it may be recognized as it being an intimate relation if distance with a partner is near, and a disagreeable person may not be set in a near distance from himself.

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Role in Groups

customerConversations 564_1_pic_conversation

The communication which passed conversation in everyday life is indispensable.
I think that every person’s role exists also in the conversation of usually with a friend.
Those who offer the subject of the talk, people with the role of the hearer of the talk, the person of the role which pulls out a partner’s opinion.
There are various roles.
Moreover, they can be said also in work.
It is the first step toward a success to grasp one’s role exactly in work.

images (1) 1301489651conversations

there are three types of roles people im small groups.
task roles,building and maintenance roles,and self-centered.
Task roles are forcus in on completing group’s goal.
Building and mentenance roles are focus is on building iterpersonal relationships and maintaing harmony.
Self-centered roles are focus is to prevent group from reaching goals.

Task roles:coordinator,Energizer,Elaborator,Evaluter-critic,Information-giver,Information-seeker,Recorder,Procedual Technician.

I think that main role of conversation is Infomation giver.More information have got better conversation active.

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My blog first day.

But today is rainny day.

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