Role in Groups

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The communication which passed conversation in everyday life is indispensable.
I think that every person’s role exists also in the conversation of usually with a friend.
Those who offer the subject of the talk, people with the role of the hearer of the talk, the person of the role which pulls out a partner’s opinion.
There are various roles.
Moreover, they can be said also in work.
It is the first step toward a success to grasp one’s role exactly in work.

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there are three types of roles people im small groups.
task roles,building and maintenance roles,and self-centered.
Task roles are forcus in on completing group’s goal.
Building and mentenance roles are focus is on building iterpersonal relationships and maintaing harmony.
Self-centered roles are focus is to prevent group from reaching goals.

Task roles:coordinator,Energizer,Elaborator,Evaluter-critic,Information-giver,Information-seeker,Recorder,Procedual Technician.

I think that main role of conversation is Infomation giver.More information have got better conversation active.

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