Cross Cultural Communication

imagesCAWMTGLAPeopersonal_space__kiba_by_mothraisnotapokemon-d33hgpxple from a coconut culture are more reserved and only offer a thin layer of their private space.
Therefore they may apper serious and a bit distant during initial social conversations -this is the hard shell you experience when you first meet coconuts.It can mean that not much personal information is shared in the biginning this is perceived as being polite. For peaches,it’s difficult to get to know a coconut fast.

Peaches,on the other hand,are seen as relatively more sociable.They like large talk with people they don’t know.
They like to share personal space with others and even talk about private aspects easily.
Peaches are more likely to smile a lot and be enthusiastic towards others.
This is politeness.Of course,they still keep a small area,the peach stone praivate from others.

Personal_Space_POLimages (2)

While people is unconscious, people has decided the merit of comfortableness with the person by a sense of distance with a partner.
It has touched so that it may be recognized as it being an intimate relation if distance with a partner is near, and a disagreeable person may not be set in a near distance from himself.

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