Tabloids v Broadsheet

Although a tabloid lacks credibility compared with a newspaper, it is effective as a medium for attracting people’s interest.
The effect is greatest to especially a young man.
I think that the fact is applied also in Japan.


There is a newspaper of two types of the roughly divided into the British newspaper.
In the newspaper called Broadsheet, the size of the page is large, and articles dealing with serious themes are often one. News articles with high quality appeared in the newspaper of the broadsheet, analysis etc. business and political circles, the economy has been placed a lot.

On the other hand, the newspaper called tabloid, soft news article a lot of articles around the human system and story are many celebrities. Writing style of newspaper These are very simple.
Serious news has been posted once, but not at all deep analysis of the news. Photos of large many colorful, the newspaper low-quality, gravure photos are also placed a lot. Popular newspaper in the UK, is a tabloid newspaper like this again.

Specific examples of the broadsheet popular, there is The Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1855, which has issued an opinion conservative politically. The subscriber has to support the Conservative Party in the UK.
In addition, Financial Times is a newspaper that are introduced around the business and economic news. There is also a World Edition and version of German and Chinese are also published. Financial Times is a newspaper that is recognized in the global business world.

The Sun is the famous ones in the tabloid.
This newspaper is a newspaper with high sales to 10th in the newspaper around the world.
The very readable, style of writing is also famous news scandal basis in many cases. In the past, the newspaper itself was embroiled in scandal various fact. The Sun is sued a celebrity well.
Why buy this newspaper, I do not know, but people who buy this newspaper, and there are quite a lot of overwhelmingly male readers.

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