Media Ethics


The mass communication which transmits a lot of information to the public could not but become one-sided circulation by the traditional mass media.
The freedom of expression was unevenly distributed by separation of the mass media which is such “an informer of information”, and the public who is “the recipients of information.”
For this reason, it came to be regarded as questionable that the mass media which is the “strong man” as an expression person infringes on human rights called the popular privacy right and personal rights which are the “weak” as an expression person by using the freedom of expression fully.
Report damage, a media scrum, etc. are mentioned as the classic example.
On the other hand, the press came to apply the fixed brakes to use of human rights called a superfluous report by “self-imposed control.”

It is regarded as questionable in the present world that media infringe on individual privacy.
Although I think it important for freedom of the press to be respected, I think that an excessive report should not be carried out.
Although only the paparazzi from whom celebrities, such as a celeb and a sport player, follow a scandal etc. are easy to be regarded as questionable, I think that the report to an offender should also be improved.
It is because it will become impossible to return to work if a name and face are publicly released when an offender is a boy.


These days, the method of the new opinion of the celebs who turned paparazzi’s persistence to their own advantage was born.

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