Culture Shock

⇓Thuy and Anna talk.

surprised-baby baby-surprised

If the environment where it has grown up is different, the mastered culture will also change to the body.                                                                                                                            A culture shock is produced between the culture of the country and country.                    However, it has two sides.

The second is the excitement to which one is born by the difference in culture, and a stress borne by the difference in culture.
I think that it can grow up by my experiencing these two.

2011030815590298f ダウンロード

In Japan which is especially my mother country, when ordinary action and culture see from overseas people, there are many strange things.
For example, we always exchange cards, we apologizes immediately, or it bows.


When foreign culture including the attitude of the person of the lifestyle different from former, a view, action, and the circumference, etc. is touched, it is called culture shock it is shocked and fall into a mentally unstable state.
It is mentioned that contact with people of a spot to whom he misses a Japanese family and friend suddenly and who will be in a depressed state becomes troublesome as a condition of a culture shock etc.
Although these relate to soul or feeling, condition, such as headache, insomnia, bulimia, anorexia, and sleepy irregular menstruation , may be concerned with health condition.
A culture shock is what it supposes that it is like passing away to cultural adaptation, and may happen to anyone, even if there is a difference of a grade.
If it actually falls into a culture shock, let’s try to look at ourselves from a view as long-term as possible and large.
Hereinafter, the ways of coping to a culture shock are mentioned.

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