Non-verbal communication

Non-Verbal-Communication Kinesics

They say that the contents of language about which it speaks are only 7%, and the remaining 93% judges others by the expression of a face, or the quality of voice.
Appearance and behavior will also influence in fact.
However, neither expression nor a body language is necessarily by any means stronger than language.
However, probably, it will be certain that it is a good material, when speaking communication and the body language of nonverbal.

People has another means in addition to a means to use language and to talk, when taking communication.
It is talking without it using language.
The thing which he wants to say using the body, and something to tell are expressed.
We use this means well, when taking communication with exotic people.
It is for compensating shortage of linguistic competence.
However, I think that it is an effective means also in a native language to use gesture.
It is because something to tell a partner more is transmitted by expressing by its own body or motion.

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